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InboundWriter for Content OptimizationIncrease Content Popularity

InboundWriter’s Interactive Editor allows you to edit your documents in real-time, leveraging all the keyword recommendations and content optimization tips provided. You can assess how well you are optimizing your content through interactive gauges and a real-time content score that reflects the quality of your word choices, content structure and other criteria. Experiment with different keywords and writing strategies and observe in real-time how they impact your content popularity.


Discover new marketing channelsDiscover New Marketing Channels

InboundWriter fuels content optimization for more than just search engine discovery – but also for audience engagement and conversion. The InboundWriter content optimization application delivers vital insights from a variety of sources, including social media networks to help you easily discover timely promotion opportunities through relevant Twitter chatter, influencers and hashtags – for each piece of content.


Better Monetize Your Content via Google AdSense™

InboundWriter for Google AdSense Optimization

Monetize your content as you type by leveraging InboundWriter’s new Google AdSense advertising strategy option. Simply select how important contextual advertising programs like Google AdSense are to your content strategy, and InboundWriter will factor your selection into its real-time keyword recommendations. By optimizing around the highest cost-per-click (CPC) ratings, you can attract higher paying keywords and banners via the Google AdSense network. Only InboundWriter offers this unique content optimization capability for those leveraging the Google AdSense platform.


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