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Fast transport in carbon nanotube membranes could advance human health

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have determined that carbon nanotube membrane pores may want to allow ultra-rapid dialysis tactics that would extensively minimize remedy time for hemodialysis patients. 


New strategies for designing electroluminescent materials

New lookup small print how a type of electroluminescent materials, key factors of units such as LED lights and photo voltaic cells, can be designed to work extra efficiently. Published in Nature Photonics, the blended efforts of experimental and theoretical researchers gives insights into how these and different comparable substances may want to be used for novel purposes in the future. 


Functional seizures associated with stroke, psychiatric disorders in electronic health records study

Influence feels like such a convoluted word these days. Mainly because it has become elitist and is equated with a blue tick on social media. Which makes the world a big disadvantage.

Because influence is really all about effect. (How can I help make change?) Nobody ever said what size.

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