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Policymaking Process

The government of the people does very many things. Of their role is the setting and administration of policies that the people are supposed to follow. When the government is running the country, it is going to use laws and institutions to exercise its executive, political, and sovereign powers. All this is meant to be used for the benefit of the people who are under the government.

The government is going to implement principles and courses of action that are called policies. Different policies vary depending on the organization or the group of people that they are made of. However, it is vital to note that public policies tend to share similar features. Polices in a country is very important are meant to shape the laws and principles in that country. When they are implemented, they will shape the way certain actions are undertaken by the people. The main goal of the policies is to make the lives of the citizens better.
The policymaking process is not a simple thing. It must be undertaken by the people who are conversant with the issues that the people are going through. The first step of policymaking is setting up an agenda. Different kinds of agenda can be discussed. The common types of agenda include the systematic, inspirational, discretionary, and decision agenda. All the agendas are different in the policymaking process.

The next step is the discussion of the problem that is affecting the people. All the parties, people, leaders, and bureaus involved must be consulted at this stage. Every person involved tries to fight for their needs and concerns that they have intentionally. In the policy formation process, there are many types of concern that can be tabled: political, financial, personal, and protection of the existing programs.

The policy that is formed must undergo the legitimation processes. This is a process that is meant to determine whether the policies that have been propped are legal. If the answer is yes, then they can proceed to the implementation stage. It is vital to note that the policies will be considered legitimate if they are good, and the people are willing to accept them. It is vital to note that the people are likely to reject the policies if they are made for the self-benefit of certain policymakers.

Accepted policies will be implemented. This meant that they are going to be put into action. The success of the policies will depend on the implementation stage. Despite how good the policies are discussed; they can be poorly implemented and fail at this stage. That is why this is considered one of the most important stages.

The polish will be constancy evaluated. The assessment is conducted by the policymakers is meant to determine whether they are achieving the intended goals. The evaluation will be done from the time of the implementation going ahead. With time, the policy will be revised by professionals aimed to determine its relevancy to the purpose that it was initially intended for.

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