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Klingon anyone??

October 19th, 2006 by Richard Zwicky

We just noticed that we don’t have any clients whose websites are in Klingon, Pig Latin, the Elmer Fudd version of the English language, or the Swedish Chef’s version of something or the other. Yet Google has an interface for each of these.

So, if you have a website using any of these languages, or dialects, please feel free to sign up; we’d love to test it out

Enquisite Update

October 11th, 2006 by Richard Zwicky

Mostly a bunch of housecleaning issues dealt with in last week’s minor update; We try and keep everyone informed of all the updates we make, so here goes:

1) “Taiwan, Province of China” has been renamed to “Taiwan”

( I was aghast when this was pointed out to me)

2) “Great Britain” has been renamed to “United Kingdom”

(Again - Argh, but nowhere near as bad, just a goofy error)

3) The Percentage column is now displayed with 2 decimal places

Many of our users had emailed asking for this change.

4) The report parameter length can be set to 100.

5) Report parameter length maintains state throughout.

6) Click on the detailed tabs keeps the tabs in view.

You no longer need to scroll down a second time.

Anyhow, that’s it for the last round of minor updates.

We’re ploughing ahead with other updates and changes, most importantly is the data export feature. It’ll be the next major update, although there may be more tweaks prior to it being released.