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Google SearchWiki Tracking Available

December 10th, 2008 by Richard Zwicky

Last Friday night I was having dinner with Danny Sullivan and Gord Hotchkiss at the Search Insider Summit in Park City Utah. During the dinner, Danny asked me about tracking Google’s new SearchWiki, which he was interested in.

As a result of that discussion your Enquisite now automatically reports on Google’s SearchWiki as a subset for all Google engines.

We looked at creating a SearchWiki subset for all ~500 variants of Google we report on, (national .tld’s local’s, maps, blogs, etc…), and instead of creating a new subset, we decided to create a network-wide campaign for everyone. If you look in your longtail report, and click the “campaigns” tab, you’ll see “SearchWiki” as an option. This is a roll-up of all your Google SearchWiki referrals. To see how it breaks down across the various Google engines, simply drag and drop the label “SearchWiki” into your segmentation panel, click on the search engines tab, and your data is quickly segmented. You can, of course choose any one of the Google variants listed and see which phrases it referred to your site, simply by pulling the appropriate label up into the segmentation panel.

If there are any other variants you’d like us to track, please drop me a note.