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Enquisite Pro Update - March 2009

March 31st, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

We’ve made quite a few updates this month in the Enquisite Pro product. I thought I would use the last day of the month to recognize these updates.

Apart from Enquisite Pro updates, I should note that we continue to move forward aggressively with the development of the Enquisite Campaign product. I’m happy to announce that we’re taking this to a larger beta immediately. If you want to be part of the Campaign product beta, please sign up, test it out, and provide us feedback. This is quite an advanced beta at this point, it’s very stable.

If you don’t know about Enquisite Campaign yet, it’s an online marketing monetization platform which allows you to audit and monetize organic search, links, social media, and any other area of online marketing you could wish to. I’m not a big one for hyperbole, so please forgive me if this sounds simple. It’s not, and it will change the face of online marketing. We already have some of the biggest agencies in the world supporting and engaging. Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

However, the point of this post was not to discuss Enquisite Campaign, rather it was to bring everyone up to date on improvements made in March 2009 to Enquisite Pro.

There were four major updates, three of which are easily visible, and all are based on user requests. First off, we’ve change the calendar system used in the application to make it more flexible for users; Secondly, we’ve added an “Organization” tab to the Longtail reports; Third, we’ve added an IP Exclusion feature to the reporting admin, and finally; A major API update with additional functionality built into the API. Rather than just posting what these are, I thought I would provide a short example of how you can use them.

The calendar feature is self-explanatory: you can select longer date ranges, and it’s easier to choose flexible time periods. It’s also an update in anticipation of some future features, and aligns with the calendar system being used in Enquisite Campaign.

The organization report has been requested by lots of users over time. We’re glad to finally get make it available. This function is more interesting for B2B businesses, as what it helps you do is understand what specific target customers are interested in. Let’s say for example that you are discussing an opportunity with IBM, and the people you are dealing with are in Seattle, White Plains, and Austin. Right now it’s impossible to monitor what people located at IBM in those areas are searching for when they visit your site. Now, it’s possible. Using the Organization report, you can isolate traffic from IBM, and then segment just the traffic from the geographic areas you want to monitor. It takes less than 30 seconds to set up a profile, and from that point forward you can monitor what the relevant terms are for your potential partner / client. It’s a whole new way to attentively listen to your conversation.

The IP Exclusion feature is also something which lots of people at agencies have asked for. They want to be able to exclude their own site traffic from reporting. Available via the admin panel, this function allows you to enter in IP addresses you want the system to ignore when presenting reports to you. You might exclude addresses to avoid reporting on your own, or your customer’s internal traffic. You might also wish to exclude a referrer with peculiar behavior which doesn’t suit your reporting or analysis needs. It’s simply one more way to refine your data.

Finally, there’s been a big update to the API for Enquisite Pro. It’s workflow related, and designed specifically for creating certain reports which many agencies use repetitively. Our beta users in the test reported that this workflow saved them 2 hours per site in monthly reporting time. That alone paid for their cost of service!

As always, feel free to send me any questions, feedback, or comments.