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Common PPC Keyword Bidding Error

August 30th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

So I heard a funny story last week at SES San Jose , about an advertiser unwittingly bidding on the term “keyword.” Of course “Keyword” is a default term in the interfaces when setting up campaigns. Some people leave it in there, thinking they need to. Some companies do bid on the term for good reason. I’ll leave it to you to decide on the ones below.

The scary thing is, some of these advertisers are probably bidding the price on the term up. I wonder what their ROI is on the term?

Some even leave the word “keyword” in their titles…

Event Space @ Shore Club
Call 1-786-276-3454 for Events
and Meetings at The Shore Club!

Hot Ringtones & Mobile Games!
100% Free + Extra.

Never Wax Your Car
New Technology Makes All Car Wax
Obsolete. Amazing Shine!

Fluke, AEMC, HP/Agilent, Tektronix
Extech, Megger, Instek, Hioki

Directory of Vacation Homes, Villas
& condos. Thousands to choose from!

Looking for Pet Toys?
Choose from Premium Dog & Cat Toys
& 1000’s of Natural Pet Products!

And of course, Google’s biggest advertiser bids on this term too. Actually, their system seems to auto-bid on everything, so no surprise here.
Looking for Keyword?
find exactly what you want today.

Their auto-bid system does bring up some peculiars ones, and sometimes it creates ads that are in poor taste; we’ve seen some pretty weird ones over the last year.

Anyhow, I could add a lot more listings here. This isn’t an uncommon mistake, but it’s one that’s easy to correct.

If you really want to see a wide array of ads served up for the term “keyword”, go to, and search for it.

Enquisite Launches PPC Assurance Reporting Suite

August 20th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

Here’s the announcement - PPC Assurance, our first revenue product is now live. It’s designed for anyone running a pay per click campaign. You don’t need to be knowledgeable about PPC to benefit from this service. This is a PPC management service which helps anyone from a beginner to recognized market experts make their PPC campaigns more successful. We’re not kidding. Our testers, focus groups, and reviewers came from both groups; absolute beginners, and the best in the world. They all found PPC Assurance to be simple, intuitive, and dead simple to use. It’s not easy making something simple!

San Mateo, CA. August 20, 2007 — Enquisite, a search analytics firm has today unveiled its PPC Assurance reporting service at The PPC Assurance suite fills the void in third-party verification of Pay per Click (PPC) charges. The suite empowers businesses with a simple way to audit and verify their PPC charges, and automatically submits instances of improper billing for a refund.

When a business contracts a PPC Provider (such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing) to display their advertising, they set out Terms and Conditions for the display of the advertising; these parameters include when, where, and how the ads should display. Campaign conditions might include such options as geo-targeting, time of day and day of the week scheduling, specification of which networks to display the ads on, and excluded sites.

While companies can customize their ad campaign parameters in order to more effectively spend their ad dollars and reach a specific target market, there has been no effective means of validating whether the ads have been displayed in accordance with the agreed upon conditions.

Enquisite’s patent-pending PPC Assurance reporting suite provides businesses with the data needed to validate their Pay per Click charges. PPC Assurance equips companies with easy-to-understand information that confirms whether or not individual paid ads are being properly displayed. This allows companies to effectively resolve possible PPC overcharges, fine tune campaigns and maximize ROI on paid search spending.

Enquisite’s CEO Richard Zwicky explains: “The search engines and advertising networks are working hard to ensure that PPC campaigns execute properly. But problems do arise. Advertisers need to know when something goes wrong, and how to resolve the issue. Advertising networks need to know what’s happening as well, so that they can improve their services. PPC Assurance provides both parties with the objective information they need, leading everyone to a quick and equitable resolution.”

This year, online marketing campaign spending is expected to exceed $25 billion. The medium of search marketing has escalated to a point where it is routing significant dollars away from other typical marketing and advertising channels including print and TV. With audit systems at present almost non-existent, an important gap exists that requires companies to pay their online advertising bills without 3rd party validation of the accuracy of their campaigns. The phenomenon of paying un-validated online ad bills is akin to a situation where a home buyer would purchase a new home based simply on his faith that the seller was accurately representing the property. Though the seller might not purposely misrepresent the value of the property, it is generally accepted that a buyer should obtain an independent third-party inspection before they pay for it. This professional third-party inspection validates that the facts are as presented and leaves the purchaser with peace of mind and in-depth knowledge about the wisdom of their investment.

PPC Assurance empowers companies of all sizes with independent verification of their PPC campaign charges, and a simple resolution mechanism to settle billing disputes.

About Enquisite:

Enquisite is an award winning web analytics firm, specializing in search analytics. Enquisite’s SAAS reporting suite is currently used by thousands of companies worldwide. PPC Assurance is the flagship for fee service offering in the Enquisite suite of reports.