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Enquisite Search Analytics Update

May 17th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

Our tech team was in late last night through early this morning with the transition to the new logging system. Most of you who are using Enquisite won’t immediately notice any changes in your reporting, but you soon will.

  1. Latency should be a thing of the past, (or as much as possible). Web based logging often suffers from lags and drop-outs. We’ve virtually eliminated this as a potential issue. This update was first and foremost about increasing accuracy and eliminating potential bottlenecks.
  2. This permits a lot of new cool features and improvements to be made available shortly.
  3. Our city / zip code / postal code level resolution can now jump to an even greater degree of specificity. That update is coming shortly.
  4. Speed, speed, speed.

As with any major update, there are bound to be hiccups, and there have been a few. Our biggest concern was not to lose any of your data. We didn’t, it’s all here, and working even better than ever for you. The hiccups that have arose, our team is working to fix them. Interestingly, the hiccups arose not because of software issues, but a hardware one.

One thing you may notice today is that while we were migrating the data between old and new databases with the conversion to the new logging processes, a counter was mis-set. (now working properly again) If you were affected, we’ll be fixing all affected counts over the next couple of days.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please email me.

Also - please note the change for ssl requests, from the post
earlier this week, if you are using Enquisite to track referrals to secure web pages.


Richard Zwicky

What does .com mean?

May 16th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

I was reading an article by Len Ellis in AdWeek. He makes an interesting point I’d forgotten, but now that I’m reminded of it, I wanted to share. In latin:

“the “com” in the word “communication” means “with” or “together,” denoting the collaboration of the activity.”

dot com; an appropriate tld. All of us together.

Enquisite Update - Secure Tracking Update

May 14th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

Later this week we’re making an important update to the way we gather data. I’ve emailed everyone affected (anyone hosting the tracking script on secure / https: / ssl pages), but thought I would also make a note here. If anyone ever searches our site for the information, it’ll be easy to find.

For the last few months we’ve been working very hard at putting together a framework & architecture to support all the great user requests which we have received. One of the issues we recognized a long time ago was that we would need to migrate to a massively distributed logging system to permit us to record all the information required to generate user reports. We’re there now.

What this means is that if you’re located in NYC, Hong Kong, London, or Rio, our logging system will be the fastest item loading on your site. This will guarantee that we can provide the absolute best reporting possible (no transactions will be lost due to network error outside our control), at unrivaled speeds. We’re excited.

The changes involved in this migration also will permit us to roll-out a lot of cool new features. Just watch us over the next couple of months!

Anyhow, here’s the important technical part for anyone tracking search referrals on the https: sections of your site. If you’ve been using Enquisite on your secure pages, your code (within the javascript) appeared as follows:


Now, you’ll want to use the following syntax:


A minor change, but a world of difference.