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SMX West - Web Analytics Roundtable

February 29th, 2008 by Richard Zwicky

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting on the web analytics roundtable at SMX West. Feedback indicates it was a strong session — it’s always hard to know when you’re sitting there…

The questions we got were all solid, and John Marshall did a great job moderating the Q&A, and of course, Jim Sterne moderated the session. The Q&A management part of the process was itself quite interesting, and worked really well. Unlike most conferences, people could not just ask questions directly of the panelists. Instead they were sent in electronically, and the moderator, or in this case the Q&A moderator filters through the questions, and selects which ones to ask the panelists. This ensures that questions are strong, varied, and applicable to all. I think it probably also makes the sessions more interesting for everyone in attendance.

The conference itself was very strong. I’m not sure what attendance was, but I’m told it was around 2,000 people. The exhibitors all seemed happy, and that’s important.

While there I also had the chance to start showing off Enquisite Pro to people. We did the demo session with Rand for the SEOmoz launch, and would have spent more time at the SEOmoz booth, but the booth was so packed all the time, it was crazy. By far it was the most consistently busy location at the show.

I think that on Monday Rand’s going to start posting more information about his new offerings, and how ‘mozzers’ can start accessing Enquisite Pro, and eventually PPC Assurance. For our existing Enquisite users, we’ll be converting all your account over the next few weeks. You’ll love the new interfaces, and the features! There’s tons of new features involved, and we’ll be adding more regularly.

SEOmoz & Enquisite Pro

February 26th, 2008 by Richard Zwicky

Yesterday we posted a press release about a co-branding relationship with the great (corrected) folks at SEOmoz.

Today, I’m happy to let you know that we’re going to be releasing Enquisite Pro — a major upgrade and update to Enquisite’s search analytics service. Due to really tight deadlines, existing Enquisite users will be converted over, and get the option to use Enquisite Pro as of Monday March 16, which coincidentally is the first day of SES NYC.

Graham Norris

February 20th, 2008 by Richard Zwicky

Graham Norris, a good friend of mine, and a very close friend of my good friend, and colleague, Greg Caws, passed away suddenly this week. On Friday he went skiing with his family, and near the end of the first run of the day, something happened. As of yet, no one knows for sure what happened, but he never woke up.

Monday night, many of his friends assembled at the Victoria General Hospital to see him off.

Graham’s passions in life were strong, simple, and many: His family, the children, sports, and helping everyone around him become better people.

Last night, a group of us who are members of the local EO chapter got together for our scheduled monthly meeting, organized by Graham. We invited a few former members to join us, and obviously we talked about Graham, his wife Martine, and children Jonathan, Philippe, and Claudia.

In keeping with the family’s wishes, I’m pleased to share with you that we’re going to set up a foundation / not-for-profit society in Graham’s memory. The society will likely somehow tie together kids, sports, and safety. Everything has happened so fast that details will come later. We purchased the domain name, last night, and will be adding information to it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a picture I only saw for the first time Monday. It’s from 2006, our friend Scott is driving the boat, with Graham & his dog in back. I’m way back there on the kneeboard.

There never was any slowing down.

Google misplaces $72 Billion ??

February 1st, 2008 by Richard Zwicky

I was flipping through the various new sources, and the headline above: “Google misplaces $72 Billion” at CNN Money caught my eye. How could I miss that?

What a terrible title for an article, but what great link bait? There’s only been 7 comments, and all are about the title. The article has nothing to do with Google misplacing anything. It’s just a two paragraph note about the drop in stock prices over the last few months.

Google didn’t misplace anything.