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Enquisite Update - Account Management

February 21st, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

So now if you’re running multiple sites in Enquisite, you can log on to all of them using one username / password.

You can also assign access to individual sites within your network to various individuals.

Once you’ve signed up the first time, you can add additional sites from within your own administration interface. This means less forms to fill out!

If you’re an SEO, an SEM, agency, hosting company, or if you simply maintain a bunch of sites, this is important for you. It makes your day easier. You can access all your client sites through one login; and assign each of them an individual username and password which accesses just their own site.

If you’re the webmaster, and many people in the marketing and sales departments need to review report — now you can set them all up with individual access to the reports. If you’re running multiple sites, you can set them up for the sites they need to access.

A lot of people and organizations asked for this. We built it!

Search Engine Trends - update & question

February 15th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

I’ll be posting more numbers next week, but I just received a search engine breakdown update for Feb 1-13. I’m looking at the data, and I’m noticing a strong shift in Ask’s and Yahoo’s marketshares since December 20.

In January, I posted breakdowns from the December time period, and had noted changes to Yahoo starting on December 20. The trends have continued. The rate of change has flattened, but Yahoo’s held on, and continue to gain.

Yahoo’s growth has been more dramatic in the U.S , than elsewhere; it may be the result of various factors; interface changes (for the first time in years, I find Yahoo’s interface appealing), better distribution, or a combination of factors.

Send us your feedback, and comments on changes you’ve noticed.

SES London

February 13th, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

I presented at SES London UK today. I’ll post some of the data I presented in a post next week. I failed to note what an amazing jump I’ve seen in since the New Year.

Probably the best line I heard was between two people chatting in the halls.

Person 1: “I don’t worry about customers - I build sites for Google”

Person 2: “What about UI, and conversions?”

Person 3: “Doesn’t matter, if I’m not attractive to Google, who’ll know the difference?”

Person 4: “Yeah, you’re right”



February 1st, 2007 by Richard Zwicky

I just was on Jim Hedger’s show at WMR. I’ll be presenting some data on market shares, clickthrough rates and the like on February 13, at SES London, after which I’ll post some of it here. (Feb 15 / 19 ?)

  • Yahoo’s market share changes since Dec 20. (would you like to buy some stock?)
  • MSN’s changes
  • What % of traffic comes from page 1, 2, 3,… 10 in organic and PPC.
  • Some other engines making impacts in specific markets - i.e. eniro in Europe

We’ve had lots of sign-ups from Denmark recently. A big thanks to Mikkel deMib Svendsen for his positive review, and recommendation. So, on or about March 2, I’ll publish some market share numbers for Denmark. Anyone at SES London will see the preliminary numbers first. The March post will include data from Feb 10 through 28, which of course / obviously won’t be incorporated into the SES slides.