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August 29th, 2006 by Richard Zwicky

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Although no longer newsworthy, (it’s been blogged about a zillion times already today), I wanted to take a moment, and thank Danny Sullivan for his contributions to the entire Search industry over the years. He’s not done contributing yet, by any means. But his decision to close out this chapter of his life with Search Engine Watch and the Search Engine Strategies conferences, marks the end of an era, both for himself (obviously), and for those of us participating in building various facets of the industry.

Many, many of us have been deeply involved in areas of the search industry over the last decade or so. Some far better known than others. Some have come and gone, or made a short term impact, whereas others have left a lasting mark. Some have been extremely important in one area of the search industry, be it SEO, SEM, Analytics, the search engines themselves, or simply areas within any of those disciplines.

Danny has transcended that. He’s been an important opinion maker and contributor across every area of the search industry, almost from its birth. Every area, every facet. No one else’s name springs to mind as being as involved across the spectrum as Danny Sullivan has been. Analysis, opinions, ideas, suggestions. In doing so, he’s helped shape more areas in search than any other individual.

I don’t know where Danny will end up. I do know that Search Engine Watch, and the Search Engine Strategies Conferences will sorely miss his contributions. The world won’t end, and the industry will continue to grow, evolve and flourish. People like Chris Sherman and Barry Schwartz will continue to make the conferences and site successful. They’re awfully bright and talented individuals. Danny himself will discover a new avenue through which to contribute.

I wish him well in this next phase of his journey, and like everyone else in the industry, I look forward to watching where his travels take him.


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