Food Bank Challenge Update

December 14th, 2006 by Richard Zwicky

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I promised readers that I would let everyone know the outcome of the VIATeC Food Bank Challenge (2006).

I originally posted about it on the Metamend Blog, back in early November. It’s wrapped up for the year now, having ended on December 1. I’m very proud of all the staff at Metamend and Enquisite for their participation, and proud of the community as a whole. In the end the community raised ~$205,000.00 in food and cash donations! What’s truly stunning about that figure is the growth over the previous year’s totals:

“The total value of this year’s food and cash donations is $205,000, enough to feed 5000 people for over a month,” said Food Bank Director Brent Palmer. “We will not only be able to save on storage costs, but will also be able to buy fresher food on a weekly basis with all of the cash that has been donated. We are deeply grateful to all of those in the Technology community for the tremendous impact they have made.”

Sixty local advanced technology companies participated in the 2006 VIATeC Food Bank Challenge, an increase of 20 from 2005. Companies competed to see who could donate the most overall or per employee, and received points for food and cash donations.

“By donating $90,500 in cash to the Mustard Seed Food Bank, local technology companies have donated more cash this year than our total cash donations from all the other years combined. After just four years, the participating companies in the VIATeC Food Bank Challenge have donated a total of over $466,000 in cash and food,” added Gunn.

Hopefully, next year, even more companies will participate.

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