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A couple of weeks ago, I invited a number of associates, colleagues, and assorted individuals I know and respect in the Search Marketing Industry to participate in a series of short interviews. I was very pleased, and surprised when almost everyone very quickly agreed! Over the next four weeks , I’m going to post the interviews.

You’ll no doubt recognize most of the names in the series. Some will possibly be unknown to you; they all have a lot of stories to tell; we’ll only scratch the surface here.

We’ll kick off on Wednesday morning with Chris Sherman, Executive Editor of Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Strategies fame. We’ll follow that up with an interview with Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media. At the end of his interview, Andrew poses a question to Victoria B.C. based Internet Marketers. There’s way too many of us here for it to be possible to reach them all for this series, but I did reach a few. Later in the series, we’ll hear from top seach marketers in the U.S., and get contributions from Europe, and Asia.

Some of the interviewees will specialize in Search Engine Marketing (PPC), but most will be best known as SEO’s. Some, like will be known as “Black Hat SEO’s”, another will be the whitest of the white… All are individuals I respect.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

Richard -

Richard Zwicky


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