A Step Towards Solving PPC Click Fraud Concerns: PPC Assurance from Enquisite Search Analytics

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We put out a Press Release earlier today about the automated PPC refund claim submission process that we’ve added to PPC Assurance.

Apart from what’s in the release, here’s what’s notable:

Until now, if you’ve wanted to file a claim with Google or Yahoo! for an error in the way your PPC campaign executed, it was a nightmare process. You had to dig through log files, run whois and geo-lookups against IP’s, check times, etc. In short, it was virtually impossible.

PPC Assurance solves that. One click, and your PPC claim is submitted.

So why did we build it?

When advertising came to radio, a company called Arbitron emerged. They hired scores of people to listen to the radio all day, and mark down which ads ran when on which station. They compiled the data, and provided the information back to the ad networks, and advertisers. They provided an audit and verification service so that advertisers would be able to ensure that they ads they booked to run on particular stations in NYC, at certain times of day, and days of the week, ran as promised. Straightforward business best practices. Buy an ad, have a means to find out that you got what you paid for.

When advertising came to television, Nielsen offered the same service for TV advertisers as Arbitron had for radio advertisers. As with radio, the various networks cooperated with advertisers.

Independent verification is a good standard business practice. In traditional advertising, it’s been around for quite a while. But until now, it’s not been offered to Internet advertisers.

PPC Assurance fills that gap. It’s fully automated, so monitoring your campaigns is easy.

The value in an audit is in verifying what’s happening. We like to say, we help you know every click. We give you an additional benefit. It’s a bonus. Just knowing if things are fine is important. Having the ability to do something about it when things go awry is what the automated refund claim submission process is all about. Press one button, and file the claim with Google or Yahoo! They want to know when things go awry, and this is how you let them know.

In further posts we’ll examine the process after you file a claim. The engines don’t automatically just write you a cheque back, but our clients have been successful.

That’s a key point. Our clients have received money back from claims they’ve filed. We know we can help you too.

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  1. Well done, as someone working in the click fraud space, I was waiting for one of the big invalid click monitroing suppliers to devise a way to automate the reparation process, the process, in my opinion which is lacking in most solutions.

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