New Year, New Features

January 8th, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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Welcome to 2009… where, like last year, I’m tempted to use the first line of this space to repeat my refrain of “I’m sorry for not writing more often.” I really am. And while I won’t go so far as to swear that I’ll write more blog posts in 2009, I do think that my schedule will make it a bit easier to get some blogging done.

I think that this year will be different, for a variety of reasons-the most interesting of which I should be able to share with you sometime after mid-January. Keep your eyes on this space, as a lot of last year’s hard work is soon to be unveiled.

Exciting things are happening around Enquisite, not the least of which is the recent addition of several new major features being added to Enquisite Pro. Over the past several months, we’ve completed 3 updates: first came the Opportunities Report, followed by the Potential Analysis functionality, and just last week, Map Overlays. Rather than describe all three right here, I’m going to let the suspense build a bit-I’ll give you the scoop on each feature individually in upcoming blog posts.

But first, a sneak peek at the next major update we’re tackling: our new Links report. Rand Fishkin has been eagerly (and somewhat patiently) waiting a seemingly infinite amount of time for this one-and it’s almost here. Though it’s still in production, we’ve shown it to a few folks and the general reaction to it is that they’re blown away. The Links Report will be delivered over the course of several iterations, with additional functionality being added as programming on it is completed. The first piece you’ll receive will be reporting, and the second starts into analysis. Right now, everything is on track for this to start coming out during January.

Anyhow, Happy New Year to everyone. You’d better strap on your seatbelts-we’re all in for one heck of a ride in 2009!

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  1. randfish says:

    I’ve been impatiently waiting!

  2. As you know, some things are worth the wait

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