Going Local, and a lot more

June 12th, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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Just a quick note to everyone that we completed an upgrade to Enquisite Campaign and the entire suite. Beginning today, Campaign users will have new geo-targeting capabilities, among other enhancements. SEO’s can now determine campaign potential for a defined country and language, not just US/English. For example, you can estimate how many potential search referrals for any term you could receive from searchers located France, in the French language. Geo-targeting has been a consistent request, especially from our European and Asian users, and we made it a top priority. Imagine, not just keyword research, but location-specific keyword research.

Other enhancements include the addition of “page” and “time” sliders to create more precise estimates and forecasts. The page slider allows the selection of estimated page position (1-4) for the keywords in your organic campaign, and the time slider allows the selection of ramp-up time (1-4 mos.) estimated to achieve average page position placements. Taken together, these provide additional degrees of freedom in your assumptions when assessing campaign potential and timing. Lastly, we’ve enabled the seamless loading of baseline referral data into Campaign for Optimizer users. Save time, gain accuracy.

The other major change relates to the entire Enquisite Performance Suite. Starting today, users will have access to all products in the suite with a single login. Get access to everything - Enquisite Campaign, Enquisite Optimizer and Enquisite Auditor — seamlessly. No need to do anything differently, and your data and all your settings will not be affected. Once inside the application, you’ll notice a new toolbar with tabs for each product. Simply click on any of the buttons to toggle between apps. If you’re not licensed for any individual product, you’ll be offered a free 30-day trial to get started.

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