A Few Thoughts about the Search Engine Strategies San Jose: Part 1

August 19th, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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At the end of the last day of Search Engine Strategies San Jose, Gregg Makuch, CMO of Enquisite, pulled aside Ian Lurie, Author of Conversation Marketing and Owner of Portent Interactive, and Dana Lookadoo, currently launching Yo! Yo! SEO, to chat about the first day of SES SJ. Watch below for the first part of their conversation:

According to Dana and Ian, the first day of SES SJ was focused on measuring ROI for different actions, including those that are hard to measure. Gregg and Ian also talk a little bit about how social media has, or hasn’t, made changes to the SEO industry. Ian feels that the tools have changed, but the general thought behind social media has been present for a long time.

Check back here for some more footage from this conversation.

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One Response to “A Few Thoughts about the Search Engine Strategies San Jose: Part 1”

  1. What a rich time chatting with Gregg and Ian! Thanks for the opportunity. I had a blast!

    I wanted to add a quote from Jim Sterne that I forgot to mention as a key takeaway from SES that day:

    “Most people have analytics. Few people have analysis”

    Gregg, you didn’t “market” Enquisite, yet I want to take an opportunity to mention how valuable your data is, especially to understand and analyze ROI for SEO!

    We could have talked all day just about Ian’s comments about social media and how it’s just the tools - conversation is not a new thing! Unfortunately, he is also correct in that many who are not good at SEO revert to social media. It’s not a substitute!

    Look forward to Part II!

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