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September 22nd, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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We are pleased to announce the September update to the Enquisite Performance Suite. This release includes three new features/enhancements:

1. Enhanced action/conversion reporting for Enquisite Optimizer
2. Deeper visibility into performance of campaigns within Enquisite Campaign
3. Usability enhancements to Enquisite Campaign

Enquisite Optimizer has been enhanced to allow you to better understand the activity driving “actions” and “conversions” for your business. The “Actions” tab allows you to segment and view your search referrals across the various site actions you define (e.g., “user registration”), while the corresponding “Conversions” tab provides you with unprecedented intelligence on factors driving revenue for your business.

With this new feature, you can answer such questions as:

* Which landing pages are most effective – whether to fill out a lead generation form, viewing a demo video, or even find their local store on a map?
* Are there certain cities or zip codes which tend to convert more than others?
* Which search engines are providing me with the quality traffic that converts to sales?
* Which root search phrases are driving actions and conversions, which I can subsequently use to research high-value, long-tail terms?

Now, you are able to quickly understand the specific segments of traffic that are engaging your site and ultimately converting – something that would have previously taken hours, if not days.

Check it out… let us know what you think.


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