From the CEO: Aster Data Supports Enquisite's Growth and Innovation

November 3rd, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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Yesterday we announced the implementation of a new database backbone to support the growth in worldwide search activity for thousands of customer and partner websites.  As many of you know, Enquisite’s data network collects and tracks all the search referrals (clicks) and related activity for search visitors to these websites, which never stops.  We are collecting and processing data 7×24x365.  Our customers rely on us to be fast, comprehensive and reliable in order to support their organic search/SEO campaigns and decision-making.  For them, downtime and lost data are not acceptable as it translates into lost revenue opportunities.  We needed a database platform that could meet these stringent requirements, and we chose Aster Data.

As we moved beyond our original MySQL architecture, Aster was the only one that met our requirements of virtually unlimited scalability and the ability to read-from and write-to the database at high speeds simultaneously, providing true, real-time analysis of very large datasets. Using Aster, we are able to amalgamate thousands of clients into one large database for overall reporting. Response times for large queries dropped from 5 minutes to 5-10 seconds, and queries that previously were not possible now can be executed in 20-30 seconds. Further, Aster enabled new product features, such as the ability of customers to track and analyze in real-time all conversions and other action events on their website related to search.

I’m thrilled that we were able to work with Aster to meet the demanding needs of our customers and support our growth plans. Aster will contribute to our unique ability to bring innovative, search-centered solutions to market that solve real business problems for our customers.

-Mark Hoffman

CEO, Enquisite

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