Poll Results - Top Link-Building Expert: Eric Ward

August 18th, 2010 by Richard Zwicky

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Continuing on yesterday’s PPC Experts results list, I’m continuing to use the opportunity that Connected Marketing Week presents to post some of the results to the lists I created around top experts in the various online marketing disciplines.

I’ll probably repeat myself in all the poll results, but the lists have been a pleasure to publish, as people are constantly asking for recommendations around who to turn to for advice within different areas of online marketing. This format allowed me to share my recommendations, in a format that allows everyone else to weigh in and share their insights too. Over 3000 individuals participated in this series of polls. Thank-you to all!

Today, I’m publishing the list of top experts you turn to most for link-building advice. As you can see from the original list, this was a really strong group. Every single one of them is incredibly knowledgeable, and worth being on anyone’s reading list.

Your top 5 favorites were:

1) Eric Ward
2) Wiep
3) Debra Mastaler
4) Dave Davies

and a tie for fifth;

5) Rand Fishkin
5) Ralph Tegtmeier - Fantomaster / “Fantomeister”

The graphic, for all of you to see the distribution:

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  1. Stuart Coman says:

    I need info on link building and this is helping a lot. Thank you!

  2. gcaws says:

    Sorry activetraffic, this is the only list we have. Cheers. The Eightfold Logic Team.

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