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Bringing Enquisite Campaign to Life

June 9th, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

Continued from Part 5…

So now, as of May 19, Enquisite Campaign, a monetization platform for organic search, is available. The application is a huge leap forward for the entire industry, and while some will seek to attack or ridicule the unknown, the unfamiliar, the big, or the challenging, we’re incredibly proud of it, the potential it represents, and the power it brings to SEOs, agencies, and to their clients.

Campaign is a platform to help SEOs, interactive agencies, and advertisers accurately calculate the performance and economic potential of any campaign opportunity, build more effective quotes, and run search campaigns more efficiently effectively. It provides visibility and understanding on where opportunities lie, identifies where uncharted and unearthed opportunities can be mined, discovers what’s been was missed or ignored, and calculates whether or not the opportunity is worth pursuing. It also provides detailed value reporting for organic search, just like the detail that already is available for paid search. In short, it changes the discussion relating to the value of an organic referral. Search agencies and their clients no longer need to debate the value of services. The discussion now center on performance, ROI, and incremental value generated.

There are a lot of features in Campaign that go beyond the original vision. These came from internal feedback from all members of our organization. Further, some additional features coming out within the month reflect early user request. Interestingly, skeptics of the model (who were also friends) whom we persuaded to try the system, despite their arguments that it couldn’t work, discovered that once they actually used Campaign, not only did it perform, but the business models ingrained into the system provided them incredible power and flexibility to evaluate opportunities, bid more effectively, and manage campaigns more efficiently. Every one of them is now an advocate! Some look at campaign as a new way to bid for, and win business; others look to it as a means to audit existing efforts, improve internal processes and efficiencies and to prove the value of the services they are delivering to their clients. Imagine, when a contract comes up for renewal, it’s possible to eliminate the discussion around “what was the value delivered?” With Enquisite Campaign, you know the value delivered, and by using it you will find new and better ways to deliver even more.

I am very proud that everyone at Enquisite has contributed to making Campaign possible and a reality. Some directly by coding the application, and others by providing feedback and suggestions. But, meaningfully, everyone has contributed to what we really think can be a “game changer.”

Together, we are proud to bring Enquisite Campaign to you. We look forward to your continuous feedback to make it perform even better for you and your clients.