This Week in Links - Week Ending July 9

July 10th, 2010 by Anthony Young

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Case Study: I Listened to Google and Failed
Graywolf’’s SEO Blog has a great article on why natural link building no longer seems to work despite Google’s insistence that if you write great content then you will attract great links. “If you build it, they will come” never really worked, which is why marketers constantly strive to build links, not just content.  Most find the passive method of link development no longer valid as social bookmarking sites barely proffer consistent quality links over time to maintain competitiveness in the Google index for key terms.  And folks just don’t link out like they used to for fear of leaking PR juice to external sites.

Where Is Your Link Army Hiding?
There’s a Trojan Horse in your link graph you may not be aware of… as inbound links age their power and authority deteriorates over time.  Webmasters must remain committed to the link building process to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly crowded online world.  But where do you find fresh, high quality links?  Gabriella Sannino provides some basic advice on where to look for links relevant to your web property.

Link Building with the Experts – 2010 Edition
Rae Hoffman’s (aka sugarrae) second installment of link development interviews with some of the best minds in link building and SEO.  This is a long interview (but well worth the time to read) with multiple link development questions posed to 11 top SEO experts.

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