Who do you follow for Social Media Marketing?

July 26th, 2010 by Richard Zwicky

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Last week I began a series of posts to answer a question I keep getting asked by people entering the industry, attending conferences, or even veterans looking for new sources of information: Whose writings I have found useful, by discipline.  On Friday, the post was about PPC experts, and on Thursday, SEO thought leaders.  If you haven’t read those posts, please do, and please read what these people are saying.

By now, I hope you’ve read the other posts you’ll know the point of this series is that it’s easy to list off a few names, but there’s an incredible span of knowledge out there and experts in many different areas.  Everyday single day, there’s great new content being published, and I want to share with you whose contributions I regularly find to be useful and valuable.  While they may not all publish regularly, what they do share is practical and should either makes you consider something new, or provide you with insights as to how to do something ever better!

Of my list, who’s your Top 5, and who am I missing out on?

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5 Responses to “Who do you follow for Social Media Marketing?”

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  3. For social media, I would rate Kristi Hines as an up and comer (although she is listed under link building)

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