Whose Writings / Comments assist you the most with your Paid Search Marketing work?

July 23rd, 2010 by Richard Zwicky

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Yesterday, I started a series of posts to answer a question I keep getting asked by people who are entering the industry, attending conferences, or even veterans looking for new sources of information: Whose writings I have found useful, by discipline?  Yesterday I posted about SEO writers

It’s easy for everyone to list off a few names, but there’s an incredible span of knowledge out there and experts in many different areas.  Unless you read a good, broad sampling, and not just the few same ones every day, you’re not going to become truly proficient in any one domain.  That’s because there’s always cross-over.  If you think that you can succeed as an SEO without properly understanding the fundamentals of the other disciplines, good luck to you.

Everyday, there is great new content being published, but these lists are about who do you find provides the most useful information for putting skills into practice?  The people whose contributions I find the most valuable may not publish daily or even weekly, but when they do, what they share is practical and either makes you consider something new, or provides you insights as to how to do something ever better!  Some will mostly use Twitter to highlight other people’s articles of interest for their own readers [or polls  ].

The list of people I know whose contributions I value is so large that I found that it was easier to create lists around themes, or concept groups.  Some people are better known than others, but that doesn’t mean their writings are more helpful: The reality is, some people are incredibly knowledgeable, and while they don’t write a lot, or do so with flair, what they write matters.

If there’s someone you think I’ve missed, send me a comment - I’m trying to recognize people by discipline, and it’s possibly I see them more in one concept group than another.  If you’re not on this list, perhaps you’ll be on one for another discipline, or perhaps your knowledge is so broad it’s hard to pin you into any one group! There’s also a few people who fit into two or more categories.

There is one person not on any of the lists on purpose:  Danny Sullivan.  I like him personally, and value and enjoy what he writes.  But, let’s face it, he’s on everyone’s reading list.

Top 5 Results will be published at a later date.

And if you haven’t looked at the list of SEO’s I’ve regularly turned to, please do so.

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10 Responses to “Whose Writings / Comments assist you the most with your Paid Search Marketing work?”

  1. Echo-stream says:

    Dave Davis from Redfly Marketing

    It’s a shame he’s not making the list

  2. Marcos says:

    George Michie and the folks from RKG should be in the list!

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  5. debra mastaler says:

    PPC list and no Christine Churchill? What??? She def needs to be listed.

  6. Richard Zwicky says:

    Definitely Debra - but with so many cross channel contributions, I had already put her on today’s list. http://www.eightfoldlogic.com/blog/2010/07/list-of-amazing-cross-channel-contributors/ She’s one of those people who makes lots of contributions across all areas of online marketing…

  7. Dave Davis says:

    Echo-Stream, thanks so much for the mention. I am truly flattered

    Thanks for adding me to the list Richard too!

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  10. The marketing you are talking about is wonderful and it’s nice to use together, a variety of types of marketing still in saying this I would still prefer to utilize Search Engine Optimisation as my top plan.

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