Poll results - Top PPC Expert - David Szetela

August 17th, 2010 by Richard Zwicky

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I thought it would be interesting to use Connected Marketing Week to post some of the results to the lists I created around top experts in the various online marketing disciplines.

As I’ve written before, the lists have been a pleasure to publish, as people are constantly asking for recommendations around who to turn to for advice within different areas of online marketing. This format allowed me to share my recommendations, in a format that allows everyone else to weigh in and share their insights too. Over 3000 individuals participated in this series of polls. Thank-you to all!

The first set of results I thought I would share was from the list of PPC Experts. The PPC Expert you feel most comfortable turning to for PPC advice is David Szetela, who received 14.6% support!

1) David Szetela
2) Andrew Goodman
3) Joanna Lord
4) Brad Geddes
5) Marc Poirier

In fact, the top 5 vote getters received 50% of the total support, as shown in this graph:

Congratulations to all! If you missed the list - view it here.

Thanks to everyone for participating - @rzwicky Richard Zwicky

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6 Responses to “Poll results - Top PPC Expert - David Szetela”

  1. David,

    That’s like getting a hole in one. You have to buy the house a round now.

    See you back at the clubhouse!

  2. [...] of polls that highlighted Online Marketing experts in a variety of disciplines. In the end, our own David Szetela was voted the PPC expert you feel most comfortable turning to for PPC [...]

  3. David Szetela says:

    Thanks, Andrew - though we both know that this merely makes me “The Sandra Bullock of Search.”"

  4. Marc Poirier says:

    It was great to see you both tonight - David = Miss Congeniality indeed.

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