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Which Mobile Browsers have the Most Sophisticated Users?

December 10th, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

Since I just posted about desktop browser usage, and reported that Mac users may not be, by default, any more sophisticated than Microsoft users, I thought it might be interesting to look at mobile browser usage.

Looks like Blackberry users view the least pages per mobile browser sessions (that’s me), and surprisingly, Palm Pre users are the fastest browsers. On the whole, not a lot of difference across the browsers, which surprised me. I though that iPhone and Android users would exhibit dramatically different behavior than others.

Mobile Browser Average Pages Viewed Average Time on Site
iPhone 2.49 02:38
Android 2.45 02:51
BlackBerry 2.13 02:48
Palm Pre 2.78 02:36
IE Mobile 2.48 03:13

About the data. Enquisite works with thousands of sites worldwide and captures a trove of relevant search-related data every day. The browser shares reported here are based on data from a selection of Enquisite-tagged sites that cumulatively represent over 350 million page views/month, across most major industry sectors - a very significant sample size. The data reported solely reflects our data.