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Major Strategic Link Building Advances with Linker

June 17th, 2010 by Richard Zwicky

Last night we published a major update to the Beta of our forthcoming Linker product.

The Linker product went into Beta in late March.  We want to use this opportunity to offer anyone interested one last window to reap free link-building benefits before we migrate to the commercial release of the product.

Between when the first Beta went live now we’ve made a number of enhancements to the product. Many of these changes were a result of user requests.  Our mandate has always been to build products and services which meet your needs.  Continually improving the product based on your needs is key to all our success.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, I urge you to register and log in today and take advantage of all the opportunities in your account, and process any and all you can! (for free)  I’d suggest you also want to sign up any additional sites you can now, the more you take advantage of today, the less you’ll pay for tomorrow…!

If you don’t know what Linker is, you should read all about it, on the Linker Product page.  At its most basic, Linker is an opt-in matching service which is focused on contextually relevant link building.  It’s like a dating service, not a stalking system which so many other products seem to mimic

So, what’s changed in this release?

  • We’ve streamlined and improved the sign-up process, to make it simpler.
  • We’ve improved the graphical layout and interface, and workflow within the application.
  • There’s a lot more in-application communications to help guide you through the process.
  • We’ve limited the number of business categories you can qualify your business as being relevant to.  Spammers were attempting to game the system by choosing every possible business category.  The reality was, they were undermining themselves by lowering their overall score.  You’re now limited to choosing just 20 relevant business categories per profile.  In fact, if you’re more selective and just choose 5, you’ll probably end up with even better results.  We do recognize some businesses really do transcend more than 20 categories.  For example a large directory like Yahoo! would be relevant to almost every area of the Internet.  In that circumstance, we suggest you create a site profile per major business unit.  Then the link opportunities will be relevant to those units, or pages within your site.
  • We’ve dramatically improved the matching algorithms to look at more variables, and take more contextual data points into account when defining relevant match opportunities.  The increase on variables is designed to take a larger number of objective datapoints into account, and minimize the risk your business could be introduced to one which is not an optimal, relevant match.
  • There’s now a series of friendly reminder emails which go out to advise you that opportunities will expire, and reminding you to process any you’ve got.
  • Scoring is tougher.  An match quality 8 is harder to achieve, and 2’s are still contextually relevant. It’s more of a bell curve, with low quality matches just getting 0’s, meaning you’ll never see them.

I’m including the screenshot below to provide you a sense of what the new look and feel is like.

The product you will be logging in to today is the almost final version of the service.  We’re excited to have evolved this with your assistance and support, and look forward to continuing forward delivering strong value to you and your businesses.