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November 23rd, 2009 by Richard Zwicky

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Greetings from Search Engine Strategies Berlin!

This week, our weekly trend data of search engine market share as defined by click-through activity shows a Bing regaining its forward momentum, after a slight slip last week. However, looking at the last four weeks, it seems that Bing is hovering quite steadily around the 7.7% market share mark. Over the next few weeks we should be able to see if this is maintained as a normal position, or if Bing recovers its forward momentum.

It should be interesting to observe what happens this week. Each year we see a big drop in search referral traffic associated with the week of the American Thanksgiving Holiday. Will all the engines drop the same proportionate amount, or will Google’s traditional strength in the IT and student marketplace result in a larger drop in market share for the week? Next week I’ll try and put together a chart showing how search volume drops in the run-up to the Holiday, and also how it bounces back.

As always, we’re providing the data in weekly breakdowns to try and identify trends in very granular ways. This data reflects actual clickthrough activity, and not the number of queries run. Meaning if someone performs a search on Yahoo, but doesn’t click through to the results, we don’t track it. We only track searches which generated referrals.

The raw data for those who prefer the numbers, not the graphics:

Google Yahoo Bing Other
September 7 78.68% 11.51%  6.80%  3.01%
September 14 78.35% 11.13%  6.50%  4.02%
September 21 77.43% 11.35%  7.11%  4.11%
September 28 77.65% 10.80%  7.27%  4.28%
October 4 77.78% 10.66%  7.23%  4.33%
October 12 77.78% 10.66%  7.21%  4.35%
October 18 77.89% 10.65%  7.29%  4.17%
October 25 77.83% 10.56%  7.56%  4.05%
November 1 77.75% 10.46%  7.66%  4.12%
November 8 77.96% 10.21%  7.75%  4.08%
November 15 77.60% 10.39%  7.59%  4.42%
November 22 77.59% 10.41%  7.67%  4.37%

Enquisite collects data from a network of web sites distributed globally. The data used in this reports represents web sites distributed globally, accessed by searchers located in the U.S., and reflects click-through activity data.

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